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Wedding Proposal Tips And Ideas

There are many ways in which someone can be wedding proposal, and the Internet is full of clever examples. Some people post videos of their impressive efforts and elaborate schemes, but it is also just as exciting to keep things pretty simple too. For example, instead of staging some elaborate plan that enlists tons of people and relies on video cameras to record the big moment, you can always just direct all of your efforts at creating a totally unexpected way for a woman to discover her diamond engagement ring.

For instance, you might “set the stage” by preparing a nice meal or even packing a romantic picnic, and when you hand her a glass of wine or champagne (or beer if that’s your drink of choice) you could tie the ring to the stem or handle of the glass with a pretty ribbon. Doing such a thing is totally simple, will not present any challenges as far as making the arrangements, and gets the engagement ring to her in wedding proposal that is entirely unexpected.

Why not put the ring in the glass? Millions of people have unhappy stories about an engagement ring being lost, harmed, or even accidentally swallowed because they tried to hide it in the food. Don’t take any such risks and simply find a way for her to “discover” the diamond ring on her own, but be sure you are ready for that moment.

Another simple and yet surprising way to propose in an unexpected manner is to purchase a large bouquet of her favorite flowers and then simply conceal the ring (in its box) somewhere within it. Be sure that you tell her that the flowers haven’t had water for a while and that she may want to get them into a vase right away. She will probably head off to do that, and as she leaves the room it is easy enough to follow and wait for her to “discover” the box as she prepares the flowers for their vase or container. Again, be ready with the words you mean to say, and even to have the space to drop to one knee if that is what you wanted to do.

The last unexpected and surprising wedding proposal to get an engagement ring into a woman’s hands is through a large and silly balloon. Stores and shops sell all kinds of cartoon character balloons, and telling her that one made you smile and you bought it as a present will be a great way to hand over the balloon, but with the ring tied to the bottom of the string! She’ll never expect it, and you’ll have your moment to pop the big question.

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